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I did nt have much of a choice I live in Midland Tx Oil makes this town go round

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I'm second generation, pops had me painting elevators out on location when I was 12. He was the company man back then. When I got out of high school I took a job working lead tongs on a double. Worked my way up to driller and ran rig for six years then ran tools for Weatherford for a year. Took a vacation from the rigs for a bit, now I'm back again... Never should have left it.
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Graduated High School and needed more money for college so went to the first Pressure Control Company I had ever heard of and got hired same day...Worked for summers and short jobs during college and said screw it cuz i got tired of seeing my friends riding in nice rides and me being broke..quit studying  and started trippin!!!

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Well here it goes since i was little i thought drilling rigs were cool.  My dad worked in the oilfield growing up and after he was in the navy.  And had his own welding company back in the 70's and 80's building betheleham rigs at the port of beaumont old jackup rigs and semi sub rigs.  time went on and I graduated high school and tryed and tryed to go offshore and no one would hire me because of no exp. So i went to boilermaking and pipefitting. And up till about 6 years ago I went to work for a company on land that has 2 rigs a very very old jacknife triple and a Little cabot 900 the one i worked on tongs, spinning chain and old old spinner hawks JUNK. I live in a small little Oilfield town around Beaumont Texas and my mother in law is a school nurse and new someones kinfolks that needed a hand and from April of 03 to january 08 I worked for Big 6 Drilling Company out of Houston. January 7, 2008 I went to work for Nomac Drilling and have been with them for a year.  Some say why aint you drilling and i say there is to many KIDS drilling and pushing thats only been in the oilfield for a year or two that dont know much at all and think they know it all and I want to drill one day but I am gonna make sure i'am ready for it,  because i want everyone to go home to there familys every time. Because it takes less than a second and your dead .  But I love working in the oilfield and every time my 2 boys see a rig they say "look daddys drilling rig" and the youngest says it if he sees a phone tower "lol" to anything that looks like a rig.  Guess there full blooded oilfield trash and were proud of it . Hope i didn't bore you . 

        Any way love my oilfield brothers and sisters ttyl

                                                               GOD BLESS
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