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        " Roughnecks Prayer"

 I walked up on the floor one cold Decembers day to hear a dying Roughnecks last words he had to say!! " He said i am going to a land were the kelly's made of silver, the crown is made of Gold, The cat line swings from pearl gin poles, The driller makes connections and you never come out of the hole"




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And the Roughneck's Hymn, sung to the tune of "Ain't Gonna Need This House No Longer"......

Ain't gonna need this rig no longer,
Ain't gonna need this rig no more.
Ain't got time to paint the draw works,
Ain't got time to wash the floor.
Ain't got time to oil the motors,
Or to mend the spinning chain.
Ain't gonna need this rig no longer,
I'm getting ready to meet the saints.
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