Hey yall, I got a question. I need to figure out what to do about a new pair of work boots. Forever, I wore a pair of Wolverine lace-up boots that I've had for a couple years, dating back to my construction days, but at the end of December I thought I'd upgrade to some Red Wings, the official boot of the oil field. The company I'm hauling water for now has a lot more water in the dikes around the wells, so pull-on style boots are something of a necessity. Well, I rolled down to the local Red Wings store and plunked down about $200 on a pair of good ol' 2230's, the shop owner says he's familiar with the oil field and these boots would be PERFECT. Within a month, they became unbearable. Something about the boot eats up the bottom of my feet, turning them red and raw by the end of a shift.

I took the boots back down to the Red Wings store where I bought them to find out what I could do to get more use out of them, and as soon as the owner saw them he said "Oh, those are done." "I just bought them a little over a month ago." "The most you're going to get out of a pair of them is six months, max." "I just bought them a little over a month ago. That's not six months."

Anyway, he seemed very unconcerned about them and told me buying some kind of insoles or inserts for them would be a waste of money, he said not to spend another dime on them. Well, I don't buy $200 pairs of boots once a month. I sent an email to Red Wing wondering if they have some kind of boot that would work better for me, and haven't heard back. What I need to do is find a pair of boots that will be suitable for hauling water and will last a few months or so. Anyway, yall have any suggestions?

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If the boots are wearing out fast from the way you walk a set of insoles is the way to go.
I used to get sore feet at the end of the day and would wear the heels off crooked on my boots.I went to a chiropractor and he had me walk across a mat and took a impression of my feet.He had some insoles custom made,got me all shimmed up and aligned.Made all the difference in the world.I used to wear Red Wing lace up boots for construction but now I wear JB Goodhue that have some sort of cork footbed that molds to your foot.I've had good luck with them.
Hope this helps.

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Rocky Cordura and Leather Wellington - Gore-tex waterproof, 200 grams thinsulate insulation, leather toe cap, ANSI approved steel toe, terra suspension footbed and diamond lug outsole for comfort on hard surfaces - Rocky 6414 repels caustics like calcium chloride and calcium bromide and most acids.

This is Rocky's Wellington Boot..and this is the cheapest price on the net for it..$143 .................I currently buy mine locally for $179.95 plus tax, but will be buying my next pair here, they are a great, light weight durable and comfortable boot( Better than REDWING WORX) I also wore Redwing Laceups my whole life till I started these a few years ago... Custom insoles would make a great difference in any boot though, wish i knew where to have some made?

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I like slip-ons too, but I hear that some safety a$$holes won't allow anything but lace-ups.  Any ideas?
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